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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Lab/Collie mix
Pet's age: 6.5
Your pet gets in trouble when: gets overzealous with her kisses. She's a kisser, not a biter; a lover, not a fighter. And sometimes, it's too much!
Your pet gets praise when: Brings us her toys when asked for by name. She's VERY smart!
Describe your pet's perfect day. Any day she gets to spend with her people, especially if that day involves car rides, hiking, splashing in water, rolling in grass, munching on sticks, peanut butter treats, and a pre-bed time snuggle on our bed.
What makes your pet special? Her huge heart. She knows when you're down and she knows exactly the right blend of silliness and comfort that you need to feel loved. She immediately knows if she's around someone who needs extra love and she gives it with every fiber of her being.
Submitted by Kristen Cincotta from Midtown On 8/25/2012  · This has been rated 7 times.