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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Border Collie
Pet's age: 12 months
Your pet gets in trouble when: Bites anything (especially our ankles and clothes).
Your pet gets praise when: Goes to the bathroom outside (we are still in the throes of potty training).
Describe your pet's perfect day. A trip to the dog park and some ball in the back yard makes for a very happy puppy!
What makes your pet special? He is very, very lovable and loves to be petted. I was nervous about getting a Border Collie after all the comments that I heard about how smart they are and how they need to be challenged constantly. But, he has proven to be a great (first) animal for our family.
Submitted by Lucy from Sandy Springs On 12/19/2012  · This has been rated 11 times.