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Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum Redesigned  FLIP PHOTOS 
Former president Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalyn.
Photo by: Caroline C. Kilgore
The Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum reopened October 1 after a five-month renovation to commemorate former president Jimmy Carter's eighty-fifth birthday. The museum was redesigned with state-of-the-art exhibits that document Carter's life and work, with a unique emphasis on the post presidency. New exhibits include massive, interactive touchscreen monitors that guide visitors on a trip around the world with the Carters. In the spirit of Carter's international humanitarian work, visitors can make customized passports and plan their own virtual humanitarian missions. Another impressive addition is the "Day in the Life of the President" area. This recreates twenty-four hours in the life of former Carter's presidency by breaking his schedule down by the hour. Eight large screens with flashing images and ticking clocks makes for an overwhelming experience. A wall of birthday "wishes" is also on display. Visitors can read cards sent to former Carter from people all around the world.
Text and Photos by Caroline Kilgore