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Garden Red Eye

All summer long, I work my way through a steady trickle of homegrown tomatoes that line up on my kitchen counter and window sill. They're too precious to waste a single one, but sometimes, if I don't pay attention, one or two will get just a little too soft for my pure enjoyment. That's when I drink 'em. Read More

Farmer's No. 7+ Cup

Farmer Hudson Rouse won the bourbon category of the 2012 Peach Jam cocktail contest at East Atlanta Village Farmers Market with this peachy variant of this very English summer drink. Read More

Purser Fancy

By Greg Best of Holeman and Finch Public House

This rum-based cocktail was created for a friend of mine that is known in our social circle as "the purser." This is a reference to the fact that much like a purser in the Royal Navy, it is exceptionally difficult to get him to tap his beloved rum bottles at parties. Read More

Kentucky 75

By Lara Creasy of JCT Kitchen & Bar, No. 246, and the Optimist

My bar manager, Eduardo Guzman, and I came up with this one when trying to create a drink special that would appeal to both our male and female customers at JCT Bar. Read More

Charleston Cocktail

By David Durnell of Bocado

I have a drink I did "on-the-fly" for a guest a few months ago that we ended up putting on the menu. The guest was seated at the bar and asked for a "closer"—a savory, boozy, end-of-the-meal kind of drink. Read More

Holland Headdress

By Miles Macquarrie of Leon's Full Service

I made this for a guest who frequently came in with a good knowledge of cocktails and a palate for herbal, spirit-forward drinks. I usually make her drinks with whiskey, but she requested something with genever, a Dutch-style gin that is distilled from malt wine. Read More

Pearson Pride Cocktail

Miles Macquarrie from Leon's Full Service won first place in the 2011 Peach Cocktail Mixoff at East Atlanta Village Farmers Market with this creation. Read More

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