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Hot Shop: Boogaloos

Brookhaven gets a Decatur gem


Known for its exuberant Bianca Coletti and Énui dresses, Decatur’s decade-old darling moved into Brookhaven in March. Boogaloos’ second location reflects Brookhaven (see our neighborhoods package for mor info on Brookhaven) as much as the original mirrors Decatur. The primary spot’s split-pea-green walls echo the area’s environmental leanings, while the near-white sky-blue paint in the Brookhaven location typifies the burgeoning community’s contemporary nature. The archetype’s low ceilings, awning-ensconced storefront, and wood-framed doorway befit its setting in the town where Mayberry meets Berkeley. The exposed ceilings and expansive steel-and-glass exterior wall in the new destination’s pristine Town Brookhaven development, on the other hand, suit the nascent burg. However, whether in Decatur’s well-worn shop or Brookhaven’s immaculate incarnation, the brand’s playful demeanor remains intact. Boogaloos is just, well, boogaloos.

Owner Penny Scheetz first ran across the word in a South African phone book database in the early aughts, back when she was transitioning away from an accounting profession. The word was too much fun to pass up. “When I say it, it makes me smile,” the thirty-seven-year-old says. So she appropriated it for her new career venture, a shop with an impish mentality (and a worldly name that would only add wood to the fire for those who refer to her boutique as a small-scale Anthropologie). Eva Franco vintage-print dresses, jewelry by such local designers as Isobel Moutrey, and new additions like Plastic Island jumpers and Weston Wear shirts exemplify that frolicsome outlook. Scheetz always had a giddy style philosophy herself, with pieces from myriad lines. “I’m gonna buy whatever I want,” she used to tell her friends as an adolescent. “Ironically, I got ‘best dressed’ in high school,” she says. Perhaps not so ironically. 705 Town Boulevard, Suite S-530, 404-343-0040,

Photograph by Judith Pishnery
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  1. Catherine Happe posted on 06/09/2011 12:42 PM
    What a cute boutique! And her website says that every fourth Friday of the month is 20% off merchandise along with wine and hors d'oeurves from 6-9!
  2. Crissinda Ponder posted on 06/23/2011 10:41 AM
    It's really funny how she came up with the name of the boutique, very unique.
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