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The Walking Dead 816

The Walking Dead Awards: Mercy prevails (again)

Negan and Rick have their final battle, a foe becomes a friend, and Maggie's story takes a hard turn.
The Walking Dead 815

The Walking Dead Awards: The traitor episode

Of course an episode focused on three traitors—Simon, Dwight, and Eugene—has more double- and triple-crossing than we've ever seen.
The Walking Dead 814

The Walking Dead Awards: The parents aren’t alright

Rick continues to ignore Carl's last plea, Jadis and Negan have a standoff, and Morgan and Carol search the woods for Henry.
The Walking Dead 813

The Walking Dead Awards: The Saviors get the last word

The Hilltoppers and the Saviors battle each other, with Maggie and Simon at the respective helms, but Negan's biological warfare plan proves deadly.

The Walking Dead Awards: Rick and Negan’s fiery duel

Rick and Negan have an epic confrontation, Maggie meets a mysterious new woman who offers an unusual trade, and Simon digs his own grave.
The Walking Dead 811

The Walking Dead Awards: So it’s biological warfare then

Negan comes up with a new plan to defeat Rick and company, Tara wants Dwight dead, and Gabriel has his faith tested.
The Walking Dead 810

The Walking Dead Awards: Jadis’s story takes a huge leap forward

Jadis gets some backstory, Rick is as stubborn as can be, and Negan reacts to an unexpected death.
The Walking Dead 809 Carl Judith

The Walking Dead Awards: Carl teaches Rick one last lesson

In the midseason premiere, Carl reminds Rick to see the beauty in the world. Meanwhile, Morgan heads down a dark path while he and Carol rescue Ezekiel from the Saviors.
The Walking Dead Season 9 renewal showrunner change

The Walking Dead gets a new showrunner for season 9

Whatever your opinions on this season of The Walking Dead, the AMC zombie drama is still a juggernaut hit for the cable network, so this weekend's announcement that the show had been renewed for a ninth season was hardly a surprise. More interesting is the fact that Scott Gimple will be stepping down as showrunner, with writer and co-executive producer Angela Kang taking the helm.

The Walking Dead Awards: Plot armor is officially off the table

Negan and the Saviors escape the Sanctuary and seek revenge on Alexandria, the Kingdom, and the Hilltop. Carl works to save the Alexandriates, Maggie makes a cold-blooded decision, and the show takes a very ambitious (and unexpected) turn.

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