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  • Getaway: Sea Island revisited

    The five-star resort is as luxe as ever (and a new inn makes it affordable)

    The official portrait of the 2004 G8 Summit shows the leaders of the world’s top industrialized nations strolling down a Georgia beach at Sea Island. The prime minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi, is gesturing animatedly to an amused George W. Bush. Tony Blair stuffs his hands casually in his pockets like a GQ model. Putin scowls. They walk ten abreast along the flat, smooth beach. Read More
  • Fairhope, Alabama offers golf, galleries, and grub

    Mobile Bay destination presents a versatile blend of activities in a quaint town

    Alabama didn’t end up with much oceanfront, but the towns tucked along Mobile Bay provide enough culture, architecture, and good food that visitors don’t miss the white sand. Fairhope, on the eastern side of the inlet, is just five hours or so from Atlanta and in some ways has more in common with Highlands, North Carolina, than sand-and-surf destinations like Panama City Beach. Read More
  • Searching for zen in Costa Rica

    Travel industry promises never worked for me until now

    You know those “moments” that the travel industry promises if you just hop on a plane and get to an exotic beach? Those moments of existential bliss, of zen-like relaxation, possible (we’re told) only by traveling great distances and coughing up great gouts of cash? I don’t have those moments. At least I didn’t until one rainy afternoon on the west coast of Costa Rica. Read More
  • Cape San Blas will rekindle your love for the Florida Panhandle

    The "Forgotten Coast" provides quiet relaxation

    “Well,” I said to my husband, “I don’t think I have ever dined out looking so grubby in my life—but I don’t remember when I last felt this relaxed.” With another swig from a bottle of PBR, I leaned back in the wooden bench on the wide front porch of Indian Pass Trading Post and listened as Kerry James, whose sun-streaked hair and leathered skin testified to decades of beach bumming, belted his way through “Sweet Caroline.” Read More
  • Get away to High Point & Hickory

    The best bargains at the Furniture Capital of the World are all under two (very big) roofs

    First things first: Can you save money by driving five hours to shop for furniture in North Carolina? Yes, although an industrious shopper in Atlanta could perhaps find similar savings by following sales, asking for discounts, and trolling Craigslist. The advantage to shopping in the Furniture Capital of the World is that so many discounted brands and floor samples are together under one roof. Read More
  • Get away to Oahu

    An island adventure can be easier than you think

    Last winter I was so sick of holing up in my house, hiding from Atlanta’s dreary, cold weather, that I found myself daydreaming about a warm, tropical vacation. Read More
  • Get away to Vail

    Atlanta's fly-in/fly-out ski destination

    In Colorado, they call it a bluebird powder day—when an azure sky reigns over a fresh snowfall, casting an almost purple glow that makes the gentle swells sparkle like lustrous opals. It was just such a day when we crested Vail Mountain and I got my first taste of the legendary back bowls. Read More

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