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  • Amanda Heckert

    Former Senior Editor

    As a senior editor, Amanda Heckert writes and edits features and service packages and contributes to other sections of the magazine, such as Agenda and Arbiter. Since arriving at Atlanta as an associate editor in 2006, Heckert has covered topics ranging from style and religion to city landmark preservation and Dasani bottled water. But for better or for worse, Heckert is a pop culture nut, and much of her writing trends toward that theme, including stories on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the city’s burgeoning film scene, and TBS. Previously an associate editor at Newcomer magazine, Heckert graduated from the Honors College at the University of South Carolina. Her first foray into journalism was in the fifth grade when she typed up a newsletter chronicling a class field trip, complete with cartoon and a thrilling account of a lunch at a Japanese steakhouse.


Stories by the editorial department about travel, primarily from Arbiter's Getaway pieces

Get away to Santa Rosa

A dreamy beach refuge on Florida's Panhandle

We arrived at WaterColor Inn in late afternoon, racing to drop off our bags before night overtook adjoining Santa Rosa Beach. We ambled by the ebbing saltwater, watching the sunset dance on the peacock-green Gulf. Read More

Greenville, SC

The coolest Main Street in the South

While driving through downtown Greenville, South Carolina, after a recent visit to my parents’ house nearby, my husband—who has called New York and L.A. home —turned... Read More

Flat Rock, NC

Carl Sandburg's literary refuge

My friend and I followed national park ranger Peter Goldsmith into the modest, fifties-era living room of Connemara, Pulitzer-winning poet Carl Sandburg’s home in Flat Rock, ... Read More

Birmingham, AL

Civil rights hotbed cools down with age

Birmingham is now quiet in the evenings, its downtown as emptied as our own. But a half century ago, civil rights marchers filled the streets, Bull Connor’s lackeys blasted... Read More

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