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    Kenneth R. Wilson is a freelance writer specializing in Southern culture, travel, politics, and sports. After leaving the family farm in Tennessee at age eighteen, Wilson finagled a job with a United States Congressman. From there, he went on to hold various positions with local, state, and national campaigns while earning a degree from Clemson University. He is a veteran of three presidential campaigns and has served as a senior council aide to an at-large Atlanta council member. After nearly a decade in politics and a brief stint as a communications specialist for an international nonprofit, he eventually found solitude, political incorrectness, and happiness as a dish washer and cook working for Chef David Waller before taking up writing full-time. In addition to writing, he is a small-time antiques dealer with an immense love for equestrian sports, guns, and the Rolling Stones.


Stories by the editorial department about travel, primarily from Arbiter's Getaway pieces

Waycross, GA

Home of the Gram Parsons Guitar Pull

I lean back in the lawn chair to soak up the early autumn sun still high in the sky and aimlessly swat at bugs, waiting for the next band to start. To my left, a local I’d been chatting... Read More

Little Rock, AR

Middle America's heartland

Little Rock sits at the crossroads of North, South, East, and West. In the bars, the blues riffs of Chicago meet the country twang of Tennessee. The Southeastern scent of slow-roasted... Read More

Nashville, TN

Follow the neon lights of Nashville into the District

Next month, thousands of people will follow the neon lights of Nashville into the District, the downtown area that includes Riverfront Park, Lower Broadway, and Printer’s Alley. ... Read More

Louisville, KY

Home of “the most exciting two minutes in sports”

Every spring, a handful of small people in silk shirts risk life and limb on the backs of giant beasts while 200,000 onlookers roar with excitement. After 136 years, the home... Read More

Under $500: F.D. Roosevelt State Park

Looking south toward the coastal plain in the Pine Mountain Valley

A winding two-lane highway snakes beneath a canopy of longleaf pines and old-growth hardwoods. Beneath the towering evergreens, smaller sourwood, sumac, and rare... Read More

More Under $500

Amicalola Falls State Park, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Pisgah Inn

Amicalola is Cherokee for “tumbling waters,” and this 729-foot cascade is the highest waterfall (or, more accurately, series of waterfalls) east of the Mississippi. Trails descend from... Read More

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