One Eared Stag

75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta: One Eared Stag
The Chef’s Breakfast

Photograph courtesy of Green Olive Media

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When chef Robert Phalen opened One Eared Stag back in 2011, Inman Park was a far sleepier place. The neighborhood has since been transformed by an influx of restaurants, but One Eared Stag’s quiet corner retains its subdued charm. A taxidermied deer (yes, with a missing ear) proudly looms over the handsome bar. In the farmhouse-chic dining room, you’ll find dishes that range from quirky (the ever-changing “dumpster salad” could include bacon, fried bread, and Manchego) to revelatory (Carolina Gold rice comes with pastured chicken, kimchi, and raw egg yolk, and beef tongue pie with black truffle and rutabaga). For brunch, order the off-menu “chef’s breakfast”: five little dishes (perhaps including a peppery biscuit sandwich and thick-cut bacon protruding from a mason jar of grits) served on a silver platter with a cold can of Schlitz. 1029 Edgewood Avenue, 404-525-4479,