The White Bull

75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta: The White Bull
A Pisco My Heart cocktail

Photograph by Noah Fecks

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It takes balls—and a stiff drink—to attempt to tell stories with food the way Hemingway did with a typewriter. Chef Pat Pascarella and beverage director Matt Scott go for it at the White Bull on Decatur Square, weaving a local-global narrative with their food and cocktail menus. (The restaurant is named for Papa’s description of a terrifyingly blank page.) Though you might encounter a few recurring characters—housemade sfincione bread, the super-botanical A Pisco My Heart concoction—most of what’s available has changed from the day before, with recipes that could be rooted in Germany, France, Italy, Japan, or here in the homeland. Nevertheless, what you eat is likely sourced from a local or regional farm, which gives Pascarella the opportunity to draft new and imaginative culinary tales—or should we say A Moveable Feast? 123 East Court Square, Decatur, 404-600-5649,