Action News anchor Monica Pearson finally snags Michael Vick one on one


There’s a reason WSB-TV Action News anchor Monica Pearson is dubbed The Queen of Atlanta News.

In a behind-the-scenes video, now posted on, Pearson opens up to viewers about how she became the first Atlanta journalist to score a one on one sit down with former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, following his release from prison on dogfighting charges.

“It took almost about as long to get him as it did to get Barbara Walters!” says Pearson.

The veteran anchor first began requesting an interview with Vick way back when he was first signed to the Falcons in 2005.

She reveals she got thisclose to a sit down with the quarterback months later. But the chat was suddenly scrapped just before Falcons coach Dan Reeves was fired and the organization wanted to keep their star quarterback away from the media.

“Flash forward,” says Pearson to 2010 when Vick was doing press in New York to pimp his new BET documentary series.

BET reps offered Pearson a whopping ten minutes with Vick (who do they think Vick is? Oprah??). Pearson turned down the, um, generous offer, persisted and eventually got 30 minutes with the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

“I didn’t know that we would actually get it until Michael Vick walked into the room,” she reflects.

In her interview, Pearson asked Vick why he chose to continue his illegal dog fighting activities, even after his mother and fiance begged him to cease participating in animal cruelty.

“I was hard-headed,” Vick tells Pearson. “You had to beat me across the head and call the police on me to get me to stop.”

When Pearson asked him if he’s forgiven the friends who flipped on him to the Feds, Vick’s answer could keep a team of psychotherapists in business for decades.

Smiling, Vick creepily replied: “Yeah, I’ve forgiven my friends, the ones who told on me, pointing the finger at me. You gotta forgive. But you never forget.”

A sentiment, Intel suspects, that is also held by many Atlanta Falcons fans…

To see Pearson’s behind the scenes exclusive on Vick:

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