ATL on TV: Cee Lo and Spanx on SNL

This past Saturday, Atlanta native Cee Lo was the musical guest on the recent SNL. The Gwyneth Paltrow episode featured both a skit mocking the FCC’s quibbles with the singer’s expletive-laden lyrics and another taking a jab at NBC’s new series The Cape, which made reference to a certain Atlanta-based manufacturer of body-shaping undergarments.
In the “F*** You” sketch, every character uses the word “forget” in lieu of the vituperative, and there’s even a Country Strong reference. It starts out strong, but fades a bit too fast:
The Cape parody mocks various possible offshoots of the new series’ premise: that a cape alone can imbue someone with powers to fight crime. Some of the ideas include The Scarf and, better yet, The Leg Warmer. The best, however, is probably The Spanx, dubbed “the television event of 2011.” As the Bobby” Moynihan-played protagonist explains while showing off his Spanx-clad body, “My secret identity is someone slightly fatter than this.” Sara Blakely must be proud: