ATL on TV: Chloe Moretz on “30 Rock”

In case you missed it, last Thursday’s episode of 30 Rock (entitled “TGS Hates Women”) featured Atlantan Chloe Moretz in a supporting role as newcomer Kaylie Hooper. Playing the granddaughter of the CEO of Kabletown (the show’s fictive version of Comcast), Moretz got to show off her now-well-known aptitude for adolescent vitriol on the small screen. (If you have yet to see her as the purple-wig-wearing Hit-Girl in last year’s Kick-Ass or the vampire protagonist of Let Me In, you’re missing out.)
The show introduced Kaylie as your average Bieber-obsessed, ninth-grade heir apparent to her family’s media empire. Once Alec Baldwin’s Jack realizes she’s his biggest threat to one day running Kabletown himself, he sets out to kick her out of the running by encouraging her to pursue other interests. But what’s Kaylie’s current obsession? Marine biology, an area in which Jack was (not-at-all-coincidentally) once interested as a boy. Naturally, after pushing Kaylie to explore the mysteries of the deep ocean, Jack rediscovers his own childhood dreams (to teach manatees to talk?) and almost ends up quitting NBC himself. Until he realizes that Kaylie was playing him the entire time after having read Jack’s autobiography, Jack Attack (a nice season-one throwback). Their confrontation at Kaylie’s prep school (new school mascot: a slut)—including Kaylie’s zingers “I hate the ocean; it’s for tools” and “you can’t beat me, Mr. Donaghy; you worked your way into this world, but I, I was born into it, I breathe it”—was perfection (go to 16:35 to watch):
I only hope she becomes a recurring character. I’m more excited for her than I was for Will Arnett’s Devon.