ATL on TV: Tyler Perry and TCM on SNL

SNL parodied both Tyler Perry and TCM on this past weekend’s episode, hosted by Jesse Eisenberg with Nicki Minaj as the musical guest.
The Perry skit had Kenan Thompson playing the Atlanta entertainment mogul in a Weekend Update bit about the Oscar nominees. Perry entered covered in money and went on to complain about how his films had never been nominated for an Academy Award because the awards favor films that depict “white people problems.” Although I don’t think that Perry’s rendition of For Colored Girls should have garnered him a nod, I do agree with the skit’s takedown of some of Eisenberg’s body of work. As a fellow hater of the schlockfest that was Adventureland, I loved the joke that the movie was about “a young man [who] is sad because he has a job.” And I would totally go see Tyler Perry Presents: I Can Do Internet All By Myself.
The TCM sketch parodied the Atlanta-based station’s notion of “essentials” by focusing on seventies blaxploitation films, just in time for Black History Month. Jason Sudeikis as Robert Osborne introduced the first classic, Bride of Blackenstein, in which Nicki Minaj played the eponymous bride whose primary asset was a well-endowed rear end. “You know that baby got backenstein!”