ATL Tweets of the Day: SNOW EDITION! January 10, 2011


I’m going to be saying, “11Alive, how may I help you?” in my sleep after today! Help Desk: 404-885-7633.

Snow driving tip from this former Alaskan: Atlanta, don’t stop when you’re driving up a hill, don’t ride the breaks on the way down.

reeling as iced roads impede access to craft beers and grass-fed beef. Updates as they become available.
Everyone wants to be @ today to play in the snow. Don’t be scared! Come out if you can but be safe.
Walked to grocery store. No cars @ Piedmont Rd/Monroe–stood in middle of road–and could hear birds chirping. Nice.
Waffle House just told me they all stay open even w/o power b/c stoves work on gas and they have emergency candles 🙂