Atlanta hotel flower mix up no laughing matter for Bobcat Goldthwait


Since the hospitality industry is Atlanta’s main economic engine and all, the following should serve as a cautionary tale for all hotel workers.

In an interview with Dave FM’s Jimmy Baron and Yvonne Monet, comic Bobcat Goldthwait revealed for the first time that his seven-year relationship with actress Nikki Cox ended after a phone call to a hotel here where she was staying.

“I called to send her flowers,” Goldthwait explained. “And they asked, ‘Oh, do you want them sent to Jay Mohr‘s room?’ “

That’s how Goldthwait found out his fellow stand up was secretly seeing his girlfriend.

“It was like an explosion, a stick of dynamite had gone off,” he reflected. “Then I had to go and do a show!”

Goldthwait explained the relationship with Cox ended because “I wanted a little wedding and she wanted to nail other guys.”

Cox ended up marrying Mohr, the star of he CBS sitcom, “Gary Unmarried” in 2006.

The stand up says he doesn’t blame Mohr.

Explained Goldthwait: “Sometimes the wheels just fall off a relationship. I’m much happier now.”

Goldthwait was in town over Valentine’s weekend to perform shows at the Funny Farm in Roswell.

 He was also spotted taking the stage at comic Emo Phillip‘s final late-night show at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Midtown.