Atlantans ready for their close up as “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” hits theaters today

OMG. Today is the day you’ve been waiting for, like, your entire life.
The most important film ever made, “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” hits theaters today. Did we mention it’s in 3D?
And Paramount Pictures’ latest license to print money starring tween pop sensation and part-time Atlantan Justin Bieber also  features some prominent Atlantans in the flick.
Bieber’s Atlanta manager Scooter Braun is front and center in the film as is Braun’s pop star pal Usher who is widely credited with helping Braun to launch the 16-year-old in the pop star stratosphere.
And like any 16-year-old boy poised for singing superstardom, you need a talented vocal coach at your side during puberty. Remember kids, raging hormones promptly did in Peter Brady’s career on “The Brady Bunch” just as his hit single, “Time to Change” was about to go viral. If YouTube had been invented in 1972.
For the past year, Atlanta vocal coach to the stars Jan Smith has been on tour with The Bieb working with him as his voice changes from tween to teen idol.
In one scene in “Never Say Never,” the pop star gives Smith a big smooch after coming off stage (so jealous!) and another centers on Smith with a laptop helping Bieber work on runs while he’s not wearing a shirt. STFU.
“It’s a supporting role for sure,” Smith cracked to us when Intel asked if she is awaiting a lead or supporting Oscar nod for her part in “Never Say Never.” 
Says Smith: “I don’t even know how many scenes I’m in, to tell you the truth. It’s a good movie. What I like about it is that they wove a storyline into it so it’s not just documentary footage. I was surprised because I originally thought it would just be a documentary. And the production in the film  is ridiculous. It’s a real inspiring movie. It’s the real deal.”
So what does Smith think fans will take away from the film? “I think they’re going to be inspired,” Smith says. “When they see what he goes through and what the whole team goes through, I think they’ll be real inspired. There are also some very special moments that happen in the film that I can’t tell you about that are very cool too. Everybody is going to be very intrigued by it.” 
Smith suggests moviegoers stay for end credits too. “The last song you hear in the movie is a Diane Warren song that we produced,” previews Smith. “We’re extremely excited about it.”
This weekend is shaping up to be a heart-shaped one for the singer. In addition to almost certainly topping the weekend’s box office receipts, The Bieb could also walk away Sunday night with the “Best New Artist” award at the Grammys.