“Better Tardy Than Never” The Real Housewives of Atlanta, episode 10 recap and commentary


Interactive intern Jackson Reeves is filling in on this week’s RHOA recapping duties:

Sorry for the delay, lovers of the A’s trashiest bunch of
peaches, but as last week’s episode’s title reminds us, “Better Tardy Than
Never.” I’ll be filling in for Amanda Heckert for this round of recap and

It seems that everyone (and everything) in this episode was
tardy in one way or another. We began the ep in Buckhead at Asian restaurant
Aja with Kim talking to her cohort about her by-now-tardy single, “Tardy for
the Party.” (Having witnessed the launch in real-time, I was not anxious to
relive it on camera and just hoped that it might stay tardy for at least
another episode or two.) During this time, Kim explained her plans for her birthday
bacchanalia with her single’s producer and her new BFF, Kandi. Kim elaborated
that the event must be “upscale,” which seems to mean “no cheap liquor” and no
“mini-burgers.” I guess that means she wouldn’t stand to have her guests
indulge themselves with sliders from The Shed at Glenwood?

Then we got some filler with NeNe and Lisa about how they won’t be tardy for Kim and Kandi’s party–because they’re not gonna go at
all. (Sure, Kim had just declared that NeNe wasn’t even invited to the party in
the previous scene, but semantics.) Instead, they’re going to prep for their
high-heeled fundraiser. 

In the midst of this, we hung out with Kandi in her not-so-glamorous home studio as she hung her framed, gold records with A.J. It’s
surreal watching these scenes, less than a week after he died, reportedly following a fight outside
of westside’s Body Tap
. This reality series is getting a bit too real. It even led
Lisa to comment, indirectly, about the city’s rising crime rate in a blog post.

Then we had Kim and Kandi’s party. Kandi was tardy for the
party, and Kim finally unveiled “Tardy,” disappointingly without any clever
comment on the timing of her BFF’s belated arrival to the soiree. And, at some
point at the beginning of the party, Big Poppa dropped the M-bomb on Kim,
making them officially engaged.

Shereé showed up tardy for the episode, first appearing
somewhere in the middle of Kim’s party. However, she still had my favorite
quote of the episode, brilliant in its simplicity. Upon learning that Big Poppa
proposed to Kim, Shereé asks (afterward in her confessional): “Isn’t he married?”
Sugar, to Kim, that’s just a trifling question mark that can be airbrushed
away. (A close second was Kim, prior to the shindig: “I’m so freakin’ excited
for this party; I can’t stand myself.”)

Now, what about Kim’s infamous single? I loved that every
single time Kim mentioned her ditty
or her singing chops, people laughed. Of
course, most of them played it off as if they were laughing with not at our
unbeweavable starlet. Even Kim’s cronies can’t help but laugh at her when
she jokes, at the Aja brainstorming session, that people were likely to respond
to hearing her crooning at the party with the exclamation, “Wow, the bitch can
sing!” But it even extended to when she told her make-up artist point-blank,
while preparing for the party, that her song was “so great.” Props to that
artiste for being able to hold it together enough to only utter a simple
guffaw. I wonder if “Tardy for the Party” is going to become another gold
record for Kandi’s wall.

Speaking of Kandi, she finally had her comeback show at
Tongue & Groove. After a few hours of delay and some mic drama, the
Grammy-winning songwriter performed a few numbers at the packed Piedmont
Heights club. Lisa showed up to support the songstress. (Shereé couldn’t attend
because of drama with her fashion line, and NeNe had no comment.) Kim, however,
decided that some things weren’t even worth being tardy for and ditched
Kandi’s big night. Gotta agree with Lisa: Kim standing up Kandi after claiming
to be her BFF was pretty low. At least Kandi took the high road and opted not
to take on NeNe’s role and trash talk. The singer plainly declared that she
expected better. Is there anyone left on Kim’s side?

What did you think? Who was your favorite (or least
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