Buckhead’s thirty-three-year-old steakhouse has, no contest, the most thrilling restaurant cellar in town. It’s not just the rotating 1,350-bottle selection, or the iPads on which you can peruse the ratings of the fruit-bomb Cabs you’re considering. It’s also that the restaurant’s long history and the deep pockets of its clientele allow wine stewards to buy and maintain an inventory of 20,000 bottles, aging pricey varietals to their prime and then selling them for a premium. Fortunately not every option costs mid–three digits: Look to France’s Rhône blends or the Merlot section for a standout, meat-friendly choice within your budget.

Drink This: Powerful but elegant 1997 Seavey Vineyard Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, $386, or gently spicy 2005 Peter Dipoli Iugum, a Merlot-Cab blend from Italy’s Alto Adige region, $58.

3130 Piedmont Road,

This listing originally appeared in our June 2012 issue.