Buckhead Guidebook scores the product placement of a Lifetime

This month, producers of the recently wrapped Lifetime mini series “Marry Me” were looking for some Atlanta authenticity to add to a police station scene in the upcoming Lucy Liu romantic comedy. So naturally, they got their hands on a copy of the 2010 Buckhead Guidebook published by the Buckhead Coalition.
This month, Coalition president Sam Massell received a request from Sony Pictures’ Michael Troughton to use maps and graphs from the book as set dressing for the walls of a police squad scene.
Massell tells us the Coalition granted permission in exchange “for bragging rights.”
The four-hour mini series is set in and around Atlanta. It stars Liu as a career woman at a crossroads who is suddenly faced with fending off the romantic advances of Steven Pasquale (“Rescue Me”), Bobby Cannavale (“Will & Grace”) and Enrique Murciano (“Without a Trace”).
Since Intel was invited to the set during the shoot this fall, we can report that the finale of the series is indeed a wedding (check out our set interview with Liu and the rest of the “Marry Me” cast in the upcoming December issue of Atlanta magazine).
The mini series is set to debut on Lifetime next month. If you’re new to the area, meanwhile, and want to score your own copy of the sure-to-be-collectible Hollywood prop (it’s $5 plus $3 for shipping and handling), you can order the Buckhad Guide off the BuckheadIs.com website.
Be advised: Sam Massell’s autograph is extra.