“Change in the Wind” director recalls “GWTW” child actress’ final role

A week after Andrew Young‘s latest documentary, “Change in the Wind” had a power player-filled premiere at the Buckhead Theatre, one of the film’s most distinguished voices is gone.
The Press-Democrat in Santa Rosa, California reports that “Gone With the Wind” child actress Cammie King Conlon has died of cancer at age 76.
Conlon memorably played Rhett and Scarlett’s daughter Bonnie Blue Butler, who had a small but piviotal role in the epic.
The actress, one of the film’s few surviving cast members, provided a special narration for Young’s new film that examines the unlikely friendship between “GWTW” author Margaret Mitchell and Morehouse College president Dr. Benjamin Mays.
Unfortunately, Conlon didn’t live to see the finished film.
On Thursday morning in a phone call to Intel, “Change in the Wind” director and co-writer C.B. Hackworth reflected on Conlon’s contributions.
“She was thrilled to be asked and was very enthusiastic about the project,” says Hackworth.
Conlon’s introductory work is the first voice viewers hear in the film. She recorded the script at a local radio station and shipped the audio to Hackworth in Atlanta.
He first met the former child star at an autographing session in Los Angeles a few years back when he purchased a “GWTW” Bonnie Butler photo.
For last week’s premiere, Hackworth offered to fly the actress into Atlanta to attend (she never got to Atlanta back in 1939 for the “GWTW” premiere either). She graciously declined, citing health issues.
Says Hackworth: “She was never anything but cheerful and upbeat. She never let on about her cancer. I’m sad at her passing. But I’m especially sad that I didn’t have a copy ready a week earlier to send to her. She was a real special lady.”
“Change in the Wind” will be available on DVD later this fall via andrewyoungpresents.tv and WSB-TV is in the process of scheduling an airdate for a two-hour cut of the film.