Decatur CD hosts Oryx & Crake in-store, King of Pops Saturday

Blessedly, Decatur indie music shop Decatur CD is not one of those soulless big box retailers catching heat for forking over piles of dough to dubious politicians.
Like most mom-and-pop establishments these days, they’re too busy forking over dough to the power company to keep the lights on.
The shop’s uniqueness, devotion to all things sonic and musical expertise are why Atlantans will happily endure a drive to shop there.
Still, space limitations can become a factor when you book Atlanta buzz band Oryx & Crake for the act’s first-ever in-store appearance to support their brand-new, gorgeous self-titled debut album.
For starters, the band of multi-instrumentalist friends assembled by husband and wife Ryan Peoples and Rebekah Goode-Peoples contains nine members.
The band goes on at 4 p.m. Saturday.
“We’re never tried an in-store with nine people,” Decatur CD owner Warren Hudson told us laughing. “We’ll work it out though. It should be a lot of fun.”
To call Oryx & Crake’s folk/electronica/pop sound unconventional is to lack a thesaurus.
Describing the band in the Atlanta music ‘zine bible Stomp And Stammer, reviewer Julia Reidy asks: “Is there such a thing as quietly epic?”
The band members are so excited about the intimate in-store Saturday at 4 p.m. they even created a poster for the afternoon’s festivities (at right).
The only thing threatening to upstage O&C on the buzz barometer? The guy scheduled to be outside on the sidewalk selling his frozen treats.
Yes, the omnipresent King of Pops will also be on hand at Decatur CD on Saturday, starting at 1 p.m. We’re told he’ll be out there until the last homemade popsicle is happily melting in someone’s mouth.
Translation: About 14 seconds.
And speaking of mob scenes (were we?), one of things we love best about Decatur CD? The impulse purchase items Hudson knowingly scatters around the store.
Our most recent must-have? A brand-new two disc DVD set of all four of The Beatles appearances on “The Ed Sullivan Show” from 1964 and 1965. For the first time, the entire broadcasts (acrobats The Nerveless Knocks, anyone?) come complete and with the original commercials.
Hudson says the discs are selling, well, like hand-crafted popsicles.
For details on the in-store, go to Decatur CD’s official website.