DeKalb snags a shout-out on ‘30 Rock’

A shot of everyone’s favorite country boy Kenneth “The Page” Parcell penning a letter to his family’s pig farm shows Atlanta’s other county described as the “Independent Nation of DeKalb County” and the location of the abode as “just past the tire fire.” Not the prettiest light for DeKalb. But is 30 Rock really so off-base? For one thing, they’re talking about Stone Mountain, that Confederacy-loving town to the east, not Decatur. And for another, DeKalb as a whole is in pretty poor shape at this point, infrastructure-wise. I don’t know that I’d call it third-world bad, but the joke, unfortunately for DeKalb’s denizens, works. The only question: Is Tina Fey’s barb about DeKalb more or less hilarious than when she mocked Stone Mountain last season?