Drama behind the scenes at Kim Zolciak, DJ Tracy Young’s Gold Room ‘Tardy’ party


In an online exclusive, US Weekly is trumpeting a possible romance
between “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Kim Zolciak and Tracy
, the DJ who recently remixed “Tardy for the Party.”

Perez Hilton, an individual who has carved out a career scribbling
on other peoples’ celebrity photographs, has also weighed in.

The two became the subject of the reports after attending a gala
together in
Miami Saturday night.

Judging from what we saw Friday night at Zolciak and Young’s
“Fashionably Late” remix release party at the Gold Room in Buckhead, something was definitely going on between the two
behind the scenes.

Not all of it good.

After an obligatory hug with Young for the camera-wielding rubberneckers
staked out in Zolciak’s VIP area upstairs, the reality TV personality
promptly went back to talking on her cell phone Friday night, all but
ignoring Young.

Later on, when Young spotted Zolciak heading into an upstairs private
bathroom flanked by the club’s management and promoters, she took off
out of the DJ booth through a crowd in hot pursuit of Zolciak.

Attendees then reported hearing obscenities being hurled and Young
beating on the door of the ladies room while Zolciak was presumably
adjusting her wig inside.

Club reps and Young’s security guard interceded to keep the parties

“There was definitely no hot girl on girl action going on Friday night
at the club,” one observer told us. “It could have been a lover’s
quarrel. Who knows. It was not a good scene. It was a big mess.”

In an interview with ATL Intel late Friday night, Young said that she
and Zolciak “connected on a spiritual level” while remixing “Tardy.”
Young added: “Kim and I definitely vibed.”

At the conclusion of our chat, Young plucked the cigarette dangling from
her mouth and tossed it on the carpet of the club’s non-smoking area.

She attempted to extinguish the cigarette with her foot.

And missed.

By a considerable margin.

We then watched as Atlanta publicist Caren West rushed in to
retrieve the still-burning ciggie off the floor.

After Zolciak’s spirited five-minute performance of “Tardy for the
Party,” early Saturday morning, Gold Room managers grew increasingly
frustrated with Young.

Young appeared to be more preoccupied sending and
receiving text messages than spinning during her DJ set.

Said one insider who worked with both Young and Zolciak Friday night:
“If they became a couple publicly proclaiming their love just 24 hours
later in Miami, they may have set a land-speed record for romance.”

Also bear this in mind: both women were financially compensated to make
the appearances together in Atlanta and Miami…

Photos of Zolciak in VIP area and in performance at the Gold Room
(right) by
Caroline Smith.