Drivin N Cryin uses Facebook, Twitter and 25 years of fan support to recover stolen gear

Law enforcement officials are getting ample assistance as they investigate the weekend theft of Drivin N Cryin‘s band equipment from a trailer in Macon.
For starters, fans of the 25-year-old band are helping the Atlanta rockers search pawn shops, Craigslist ads and under every available rock between here and Macon for clues.
On its official website, Facebook and Twitter  pages Monday, singer Kevn Kinney, bassist Tim Nielsen, guitarist Mac Carter and drummer Dave Johnson posted information about the crime: “Between 3:45 and 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 11, Drivin N Cryin’s tour trailer containing their stage gear was stolen from the La Quinta Inn at Exit 169 off I-75  in Macon. The black Quicksilver Racing 5-foot by 10-foot trailer held the band’s guitars, amplifiers, drums, merchandise and stage production gear.”
Thr band posted a complete list of the lifted items, along with pictures on Facebook. Within hours, tips began rolling in and the band has recovered some of their gear from a DeKalb County pawn shop. The store handed over a copy of the photo ID (at right) the suspected thief used to the cops and the band, who immediately posted it online.
Kinney went on-air with Rock 100.5 FM’s Regular Guys in Atlanta Tuesday morning to discuss the theft and the overwhelming response from fans.
“It’s the great American trailer theft,” Kinney explained. “We had it backed up against the curb. We woke up and it was like, ‘Where’s the trailer? Did someone take it home?’ ‘Um, no.’ There’s one thing I learned in New York. If someone wants something bad enough, they’re going to get it. After 25 years, this happening once is OK.”
Kinney explained that the investigation is being slowed because the theft and the pawn shops are spread out across various counties throughout Georgia.
“It is just gear. Nobody got hurt in the process,” reasoned Kinney. “So many musicians have reached out to us. People have been offering us gear. It’s wonderful. The brotherhood of musicians is our insurance policy.”
The band’s scheduled shows will go on, thanks to the offer of loaned instruments from their pals in Dillon Fence.
In a note to fans, Nielsen writes: “Thanks for all the support. With all of the media attention, I doubt this perp is gonna try to sell anything else in the Atlanta area. We are going to start looking in other towns. Check Craigslist, music stores that buy used gear and pawn shops in Charlotte, Chattanooga, Nashville, Charleston, Birmingham, Orlando and so on. Thanks y’all. We love you!”