Eakes, Hennesy fans rooting for wins at Sunday’s 37th Daytime Emmy Awards


Local soap viewers will be rooting for two of their favorite nominees during this Sunday night’s 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards telecast live from Las Vegas.

“All My Children” actress and Warner Robins native Bobbie Eakes is up Outstanding Lead Actress for her role as Krystal Carey.

“General Hospital” actress Carolyn Hennesy, meanwhile, scored her first-ever Emmy Supporting Actress nomination as mob lawyer Diane Miller.

Hennesy has been made an honorary Georgian by her legion of readers here. Between scenes, Hennesy is also the author of the popular “Pandora” series of childrens’ books aimed at independent-minded girls.

She spent four days in Atlanta and in Athens last year attending signings and school programs.

Eakes, meanwhile, tells Intel that she had an embarrassment of acting riches in 2009 to select from for her Emmy reel.

“I ended up going with a dramatic scene at the [Pine Valley] Yacht Club with Michael Knight where Krystal reveals that she sold one of her twins at birth.”

The scene that didn’t make the final cut to the Emmy voters?

“Well, there was that scene at the courthouse at my child custody hearing and I’m all drugged up and crawling around the floor picking up pills!”

Eakes laughs and adds: “It was good but a little out there! I don’t exactly sound like Mother of the Year, do I? And yet when I get asked about Krystal’s greatest quality, I always say her devotion as a mother. Go figure!”

When Hennesy comes on the line, meanwhile, she immediately begins salivating, recalling the chicken fried steak and the fried pickles she had here last year.

“Oh my God, I still think about that!” Hennesy recalls. “I can’t wait to come back to Georgia [with “Pandora” book number five due late this year or early in 2011]. Not only do you have some of the best schools I’ve ever been to and some of the sweetest students, there’s a trapeze school in Athens I want to enroll in.”

For her Emmy reel, Hennesy selected a bawdy Thanksgiving scene involving Diane, mob boss Sonny Cornithos’ bodyguard Max, a pair of rubber gloves and a plunger.

“Any time you can combine the threat of erectile dysfunction, a plunger and rubber gloves, that’s comedy gold,” Hennesy says cackling. “If the Emmy comes my way, it will be because of those gloves and that plunger!”

In her spare time (?), Hennesy spills that she will also be returning in the fall to the hit Courteney Cox ABC sitcom, “Cougartown” as head cougar Barbara, despite rumblings about a name change for the evolving comedy.

“Courteney said in a recent interview that Barbara will always be the head cougar on the show,” Hennesy reports. “I love that. I can continue to pay my mortgage. Barb is so much fun to play. Who wouldn’t love walking into a scene, dropping a bomb and running away?!”