Even the blog wars in Decatur are sort of polite


Historian and Oakhurst resident David Rotenstein is havin’ him a good old-fashioned blog war, Decatur-style.

By Decatur-style, I mean no one is even cursing or threatening harm to person or property.

Short version: Rotenstein is a vocal advocate for historic preservation in Oakhurst. He accuses anonymous Tweeter @OakhurstGossip of trash-talking in a way that has hurt his reputation and is offering a $1,000 in-kind reward to the person who helps him “out” @OakhurstGossip’s real identity. The in-kind reward is $1,000 worth of historical research about your house.

I wonder what’s gonna happen if Rotenstein discovers @OakhurstGossip’s true identity. Maybe they’ll have a duel, Decatur-style. A bikram-off? A drive-by-brunching? Who knows? I just know that when Decatur goes to war, you should bring a Tide stain pen.

Incidentally, if you want to do research about your home without stepping into the crossfire, I recommend starting at the DeKalb History Center. Nice people doing nice things.