Happening: Flux lit up Castleberry Hill

Those who recall our 67 Things Every Atlantan Must Do issue from this February probably remember Le Flash. Well, long story short, that free, one-night-only Castleberry Hill multimedia event now goes by Flux, and it flashed on by the Atlanta art scene this past weekend on Friday, October 1 (from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.).
The event entailed over twenty-five public art projects in the historic district, including a few video projects, a gallery space with a someone painting a naked woman, something described as an “installation of interactive tickle and smile machines,” and temporary exhibits with titles that seemed ripped out of Emory senior theses (e.g., “On Closeness: And the Inexhaustability of the Subject”). My favorites had to be Amber Boardman and Jessica Peek Sherwood’s “Visual Concert: The Garden of Love and Sorrow Like Pleasure Creates Its Own Atmosphere,” which paired an animated video projection with flute music and created the perfect atmosphere, and the event’s huge touchstone video projection against Spring Street’s Norfolk Southern Railroad Building: Micah and Whitney Stansell’s Between You and Me. The movie focused on what it deemed the small moments that buttress the significant ones in its characters’ lives. The Stansells are probably this year’s “it” artists (their Whitespace exhibit “Past. Perfect. Continuous.” provides good evidence for that claim), and this rendition of their movie, across five channels, did not disappoint.