Hawks Draft Video Game Point Guard Sensation


A lot of well-reasoned ink has already been spilled in a futile attempt to decide whether the Hawks made the correct choice in last night’s NBA draft—something that no one will know, of course, for a few years—when they selected fleet-footed Wake Forest point guard Jeff Teague (not to be confused with Chris Paul) with the 19th pick. An over-looked fact, buried at the end of Sekou Smith’s appraisal of the pick, on the second page of the sports section in today’s AJC, is that Teague already has virtual team chemistry: “I play the video game [NBA Live] a lot, and that’s who I roll with, the Atlanta Hawks,” Teague said. “Joe Johnson, that’s my guy. Every time I give him the ball he scores. Josh Smith is an exciting player, and Al Horford inside.” That’s a relief. I was afraid we’d draft a point guard who distributes the ball in reality.