“High Heels & Record Deals” The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode 11 recap


Interactive intern Jackson Reeves is filling in on this week’s RHOA recapping duties:

We opened this week’s episode with Kim shopping for her
daughter. Which apparently she hates doing. And which also apparently requires
using her (“not Big Poppa’s”) black AmEx. (The total came to just a little more than $600.
For pajamas.
) Kandi showed up halfway through Kim’s lukewarm spree because
she’s a supportive friend, and supportive friends attend their friends’
important events. Like shopping for pajamas for their daughters. Could Kandi be
any classier in this scene? She called Kim out on ditching her show, but she
didn’t make a squall and even pretended to swallow Kim’s excuse about needing
to tend to her sick kid. In a confessional later on, she says what we’re all
thinking: “Could you please do what you say you’re gonna do?”

NeNe and Lisa finally had their Heel to Soul road race to
raise awareness (and possibly funds?) for women suffering from abuse. (In the
midst of this, NeNe comments about how Kim running around Atlanta telling
people that she’s engaged to someone who’s married makes her come off as
insane.) Shereé shows up to run the race, Kim snubs it, and NeNe can’t handle
running the entire thing, so she cuts through the grass at certain points. During the speeches after the race, NeNe says she hopes Heel the Soul can become a major race down Peachtree, with
thousands of participants. Hey, the Peachtree Road Race began forty years ago with
a simple 110 contestants, so NeNe’s dream is probably the most reasonable one
of the episode. And while it was great hearing Lisa and NeNe talk about their respective past abusive relationships, I hope they take their testimonies beyond a gated subdivision. 

And Kandi finally finalizes her record deal with Capitol
in Los Angeles, with surprisingly little fanfare. I was expecting
something more out of this storyline, particularly since it takes up half of
the episode’s title. Actually, the most interesting thing about this story
happened peripherally. When Kandi talked about Lisa’s husband’s inability to
return to the football field, she let it drop that just because you love doing
something and desperately want to continue to do it, that might not be enough.
Could our “No Scrubs” songstress be over the hill as well? I guess not
according to Capitol’s head of urban records. However, no matter what Capitol
settles on, please don’t use Blog as Kandi’s first record’s title. It ain’t

Additionally, Kim worked on her wig line, and got a wigcut.
NeNe continued her quest to learn her paternity and shared that one of her most
vivid childhood memories entailed her mother driving her to a gas station and
showing her off to some guy whom the Real Housewife thinks may have been her
father. Speaking of paternity, Lisa laments still not being preggers and
prepares to face the fact that she, like her husband with football, may need to
permanently bench her pregnancy goals. Shereé prepped for her fashion show and
dealt with Dwight’s overbearing nature when it comes to event planning. This
led to the best line of the night: “It’s not He by Dwight.” What would that
label be like? And, a more important follow-up question: Is there enough spandex
in the world to complete even one fall show of that line? Although, Dwight’s
comment about his greatness might be more deserving of the best-quote title: “I
was a gift from god.”

Of course, the most awkward part of the night was watching
the scenes with Kandi and A.J. less than a week after the Housewife’s former
fiance died. Kandi’s having troubles with A.J. because her mom doesn’t approve.
This led to the eeriest line of the week: Kandi’s “Men do come and go” remark
about A.J. And next week promises to bring more of that discomfort as the
couple deals with family/marriage counseling. At least the ep ended with a nice
in-memoriam to A.J.

Things we learned this week:

Kim spends at least $250K per year.

Lisa has a bowling alley in her house.

She by Shereé is going to be an international line.

You can cut a wig. (Wasn’t the purpose of Barbie, besides
reinforcing impossible standards of womanhood, to teach people that they can’t
cut non-growing hair?)

NeNe has a memoir.

What did you think? Who was your favorite (or least
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