Intel Exclusive: Will. i. am Booked for post-Peas concert DJ set at Gold Room


Intel has just gotten confirmation that Black Eyed Peas front man Will. i. am has inked a deal to spin an exclusive DJ set at
Buckhead’s hot new nightclub The Gold Room after the band’s concert at Philips
Arena February 4.

We hear the deal was finalized late Tuesday.

The late night music set by the prolific producer
is being presented by Atlanta’s Liquified Productions.

Doors will open at the Gold Room on Piedmont Road at 10 p.m.
Admission will be $10 for fans with a Peas ticket stub. It’ll cost non-ticket
holders $20.

One lingering question Intel has? Whether the singer/DJ
included his signature “five boxes of Raisin Bran” request in his contract

We’ll keep you, um, Post-ed…

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