Intel Tibits: Richard Blais on “Today,” Enrique bails on Britney

“Top Chef All Stars” finalists Richard Blais and Mike Isabella turned up on “Today” Wednesday morning to pimp tonight’s big  10 p.m. finale on NBC’s sister cable network Bravo. Both did their own unique spins on a traditional vegetable lasagna recipe.
Cooking with co-host Matt Lauer, Blais whipped up his “impasta” dish using thin ribbons of zucchini in lieu of sheets of pasta, combined with spring vegetables he cooked in a vacuum-sealed bag.
To be honest, Intel has no idea what Isabella made since we hit the mute button as soon as his nasally whine shattered the coffee mug we were holding.
While co-host Meredith Vieira and Lauer declined to proclaim a winner of the cooking contest,  fill-in “Today” news correspondent Savannah Guthrie swooped in with a spoon to proclaim Atlanta’s own “Top Chef” finalist’s dish superior. Lauer, meanwhile, tired to pry tonight’s “Top Chef” winner out of the pair but both cheerfully declined to discuss the outcome of the pre-recorded episode. But curiously, as they went to break Lauer was heard saying to Blais, “Congratulations, Richard.” Hmmm…
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Meanwhile, Enrique Iglesias must have caught the Britney Spears televised train wreck on “Good Morning America” along with the rest of country Tuesday morning as she announced the duo’s summer tour. Hours later, Igelsas opted out of the tour that will deposit the lip sync loving Spears at Philips Arena July 17.