John Rocker Sighting


Everyone’s favorite baseball bigot, former Atlanta Braves relief pitcher John Rocker, was sighted at Park Tavern last night by a busboy who reported the following observations to me:

-Rocker showed up with a blonde who looked like a porn star.
-He’s obscenely jacked, and was wearing shorts and a tank-top (in November!) with a backwards hat and long hair.
-He drank a glass of red wine.
-He also shared a bottle of champagne with his lady friend.   
-He couldn’t find his way out of the restaurant (didn’t remember
where he had entered), confusing first the bathroom and then the back
bar with the front entrance.
-He finally found the front entrance and walked away with his porn
star into Piedmont Park. Apparently they didn’t come by car.
-His girl was wearing tight blank pants— a sort of a workout outfit with sneakers. I noticed her way before I saw Rocker.
-I asked a few employees if they had realized who this was, and three out of four had no idea.

Rocker, 35, who last played professional baseball in 2003, for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, grew up in Statesboro, Georgia. He now spends much of his time demonizing Al Sharpton and fighting for the survival of the English language through his “Speak English!” campaign.