Libby Whittemore, Lisa Paige, Connie Sue reunite for “Unplugged” performances


Just before she headed into a final rehearsal for this weekend’s performances of “Libby and Lisa Unplugged* (*Except for the Electric Bass and the Electric Keyboard)” at Actor’s Express downtown, Atlanta singer Libby Whittemore called Intel Central to give us a preview.

“We’re very excited,” Whittemore spilled. “It’s the first show either of us has ever done with an asterisk in the title. We’re all about trying new things!”

The former owner of Libby’s Cabaret says fans of the cabaret series at Actor’s Expess can anticipate some show tunes from the chanteuses, some ’60s pop material and “Lisa will do a couple of her trashy numbers, of course. My favorite song title in her set? ‘I Go to Sleep With One Eye Open (‘Cause My Man Won’t Leave Me Alone).’ “

The pair will also resurrect the 1985 dubious duet “Make No Mistake He’s Mine” originally recorded by Barbra Streisand and Kim “Bette Davis Eyes” Carnes.

“It was a big hit,” cracks Whittemore. “Huge. Kim Carnes sounds like sandpaper and then Barbra comes in sounding, well, like Streisand. It’s actually a really good song and we’re always looking for power ballads to do together.”

And in keeping with a summer-time tradition as old as the century itself, Whittemore graciously gives over the second half of the show to her “Della’s Diner” alter ego, Connie Sue Day, the often overlooked 31st Lady of Country Music.

If she can coax Day’s Bluebird Wander Lodge motorhome down the highway from the Tanger Outlet mall, that is.

“I don’t think there’s a rhinestone to be had on I-75 between here and Nashville,” says Whittemore.

Whittemore says Connie Sue isn’t yet plugged into the social media craze but predicts that she would gravitate toward FourSquare.

“Her massive fan base could keep track of her shopping trips,” Whittemore explains. “Plus, Connie Sue would like anything called FourSquare. Of course, I’d have to explain to her that it isn’t a reference to food.”

And like the rest of us, Whittemore has been keeping track of Sandra Bullock‘s post-Oscars marital troubles.

So has Whittemore talked to her “Love Potion #9,” “Force of Nature” and “The Blindside” co-star since her break up with Jesse James?

“I’m respecting Sandy’s privacy right now,” says Whittemore, tucking her tongue into her cheek. “After three films and five lines of dialogue together, she knows I’ve got her back if she needs me to kick Jesse Jame’s ass for her. Our relationship is such that we don’t need to speak. It’s just unspoken.”

“Libby and Lisa Unplugged” opens tonight and runs through Sunday at Actor’s Express at 7:30 p.m. For tickets and more info, visit the official Actor’s Express website.