Maddie McIntosh with Jojo’s Beloved (Competition Winner)


Restaurant: Jojo’s Beloved
Address: 1197 Peachtree St. NE
Neighborhood: Midtown
Featured Mixologist: Maddie McIntosh
Photography: Grapefruit Photo

1.5 oz Tequila Blanco (Maestro Dobel)
.75 oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur or any ginger liqueur
1 oz lime

1.5 oz AHA Grapefruit and Orange sparkling water

.5 oz Grenadine
Pomegranate seeds
Lime wheel

Add tequila, ginger liqueur and lime to a shaker tin with ice and shake.
Double strain over rocks into a wine glass
Top with AHA Grapefruit and Orange sparkling water
Sink .25 oz Grenadine
Garnish with pomegranate seeds and a lime wheel

Photo by Grapefruit Photo

Inspiration: Creating a cocktail that is meant to be enjoyed in summer weather on a golf course means choosing ingredients that are going to keep you cool and quenched. I chose tequila as a base spirit because it is light, peppery, and earthy. I wanted to incorporate a Coca-Cola product—Fresca—that I had noticed was popular in my parent’s generation, which helped me to tie in a sense of nostalgia, something we like to invoke at Jojo’s Beloved. A summertime spritz became my focus and I knew a light botanical, and slightly sweet liquer would accompany the other ingredients perfectly which is how I chose the ginger liqueur. Grenadine gives the spritz a pretty pink color, and the pomegranate seeds as a garnish are a reflection of ingredients used in it’s construction. Top it all off with a lime wheel and you’ve got a puckering mouthfeel in this spritz.