Mary Ida Townson, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee Office


The move into 191 Peachtree in Downtown Atlanta was a decision made by Mary Ida Townson that offered many solutions. The firm was able to expand into a larger space while staying within the Downtown Atlanta business district. The renovated 22nd floor of the 191 Peachtree Building managed by Cousins Properties was easily able to accommodate the 16,300 square feet of vibrantly colorful and sunny office space that suited the personality of Mary Ida Townson, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee Office.

Completed in June of 2012, the space reflects the colorful and refined palette of the leadership team. The project was a collaborative effort involving Herring Troy Associates, PC Architects and the Mary Ida Townson, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee Office management. The office utilized over 50% of the existing construction and maintained an open plan to maximize natural lighting throughout the space.

Color has been incorporated into every part of the space from the stunning entry lobby to the cheery break room, the color and pattern is distributed throughout the space for everyone to enjoy. With the spectacular views from the 22nd floor of 191 Peachtree, The staff at Mary Ida Townson Standing Chapter 13 Trustee Office, can enjoy multi-directional vistas of Downtown Atlanta while being inspired and motivated within their workspace.