NeNe knocked off, other “Real Housewives” at risk in new Agatha’s production

For the sad scribblers assigned to cover their every sharp intake of breath, the latest “Agatha’s A Taste of Mystery” show dishes up some delicious wish fulfillment.

The audience participation production spoofing a certain locally filmed hit Bravo reality show, running now through Nov. 3 at the downtown dinner theater?

“The Dead Housewives of Atlanta.”

Well, OK. Technically, the entire title of the show is “Pyler Terry’s The Dead Housewives of Atlanta.”

“Yeah, we’re sort of killing two birds with one stone there if you will,” explains Agatha’s creative director Ryan Girard, his tongue napping fitfully in his cheek.

“We just figured the subjects were ripe for a little fun.”

In the Agatha’s production, the reality show’s Twitter addicted, wigged out blonde Kim Zolciak becomes Pam Prozac and Lisa Wu Hartwell becomes Lisa Yu who only speaks of herself in the third person.

The play’s famed Atlanta writer/producer/director Pyler Terry, meanwhile, employs four separate assistants to perform menial tasks, including opening his umbrella and carrying his Dayplanner.

Alas, tragedy has already befallen the character based on brassy NeNe Leakes.

“Unfortunately, she’s passed away,” Girard explains. “Naturally, the other housewives want the case solved because if they all get killed, their show gets canceled!”

As usual, Agatha’s audience members get to act out key events in the script along with the professional actors.

Says Girard: “The audiences are having a blast with this because they get to play some of the housewives and release their inner divas.”

Between performances on Friday, Girard kept busy texting real “Real Housewife” Hartwell to invite her to an upcoming performance.

Says Girard: “We’re hoping she comes and gets a good laugh out of it.”

“Pyler Terry’s The Dead Housewives of Atlanta” runs Tuesdays through Sundays at Agatha’s downtown at 161 Peachtree Center Avenue.
Call for reservations: 404-584-2255.