On the Wall: Tew Galleries unveils 2nd annual Top 25

Tew Galleries premiered its second annual Top 25 show at a private cocktail party last night. Begun last year, Timothy Tew sees the pieces presented in the Top 25 collection as a coterie or twenty-five works that appropriately reflect the many facets of his gallery’s aesthetic. Most of them are from his general holdings, but some of them are new premieres in his gallery. Two standouts from the collection included a piece by Jean Glenn, whose organic geometric patterns reminded me of a sort of postmodern Mondrian made messy for our urban world, and another by Whitney Wood, whose piece seemed like a Rorschach burst of color and disfiguration. Wood will have a show at the gallery opening in late February, according to gallery director Jules Bekker. Bekker expressed hope for the art community, saying sales started to pick up back in July.
The evening also featured a display of some of Tew’s vintage jewelry finds, including brooches from Cartier, Tiffany, and Van Cleef & Arpels. I profiled the styleite last summer in anticipation of his Rebecca Myers exhibit. As usual, the art insider was wearing eccentric attire and sporting one of his notable brooches.
The show will have a public opening on Friday, February 4, 6–9 p.m.
Photograph of jewelry by Patrick Heagney; photograph of Tew by Bard Wrisley