Police: NeNe tried to choke Kim


Sigh. I thought I was done chronicling the Housewives, at least for the day, but then ET had to go and break news that Kim has filed a police report against NeNe, who allegedly tried “choke [Kim] out” while shooting a scene for Real Housewives earlier this year. You can read the whole report here.

They didn’t seem to be too terribly antagonistic toward each other at the premiere party the other night, but perhaps they were just grinning and bearing it.

Here’s what Kim had to say about it via Twitter: “Hi my tweets go @ETNOW and check out the lastest on a real life scary situation that happened months ago that has just released.”

And who knows what this is in reply to–could be any manner of matters–but here’s a recent (two hours ago) post from NeNe: “Thanks
twitterville! Ur advice is great & I love it! I know sometimes u
have 2 just step on the trash on the floor rather than pic it up!”