“Rivers Wash Over Me,” scores film distribution deal, new screening in Atlanta


There was some exciting news awaiting us in the Intel email in box this AM: Atlanta film producer Dexter Davis has secured a distributor for his critically acclaimed indie film, “Rivers Wash Over Me.”

Last fall, the film enjoyed a sell-out crowd at its Atlanta premiere in the Out on Film Festival series.

The film directed by John G. Young takes an unflinching look at race, homosexuality, class and sexual abuse in a rural Alabama town where one of the main career opportunities is selling drugs.

The film’s unexpected emotional tentpole is the sweet friendship that develops between Sequan Greene (played by Derrick L. Middleton) and Lori Anderson (Elizabeth Dennis).

 Sequan is a James Baldwin-reading, Brooklyn-based African-American teenager who moves in with relatives in Alabama after the death of his mother. Lori, is a white girl from a well-to- do Southern family who happens to be dating the high school drug dealer and routinely sampling his wares.

From South America where he’s working on a new film project, Davis confirms that “Rivers” has been picked up by Strand Releasing and will have a theatrical release this summer.

And Davis assures us his hometown will be among the cities where it screens this summer.

“Distribution means everything,” Davis told us in an email. “What this means is that we will get a theatrical release in the major cities where the film screened well in festivals and to sold out crowds: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and a few others to start. This is great because it really helps as a marketing campaign for the almighty DVD release.”

Davis also slipped us the link to the film’s brand-new trailer in advance of this summer’s release. As soon as an exact date is firmed up for Atlanta, we’ll be sure and update you at ATL Intel.