Singles set to Stock the Pond at Twisted Taco in Buckhead tonight


For the city’s substantial singles population, one of the most anticipated social gatherings of the summer can be summed up in four words: Stock the Pond Party.

Tonight, Twisted Taco on Wieuca Road will brace for as many as 600 single young men and women, a result of a rigorous social media marketing campaign via organizers and

On the off chance you’re still thumb texting your friends on your Motorola Razr phone, Stock the Pond parties have become the way to hook up with other sexy, like-minded individuals.

Well, aside from drunk-dialing your ex at 1 a.m. on the dance floor of The Gold Room when the DJ pumps Usher‘s “OMG,” that is.

Or worse, texting something like this: “i miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss u. :(“

But we digress.

The concept is basically this: Everyone has single friends who consistently complain about not being able to find suitable dates. Or you dated a great guy or girl who is fantastic. Just not for you. Bring them to Stock the Pond.

One Stock the Pond true believer recently attempted to explain the party’s appeal to us, using both the phrase “karmic boomerang” and “paying it forward” but Intel was far too engrossed in an episode of “Wipeout!” to decipher the “Dr. Phil”-like gobbledygook.

The bottom line is this: Unlike most singles bar outings, Stock the Pond attendees arrive complete with a seal of approval from an ex or well-intentioned friends helping them hook a date.

In other words, all the Atlanta single ladies will likely spend their lunch hour shopping for a new outfit today while the guys just might be inspired to contemplate something other than that omnipresent pair of go-to khakis in their wardrobes.

Just make sure your smart phone is wearing its antenna-enhancing, protective cover tonight when using that instant digit-exchange Bump app, OK?

Stock the Pond Party at Twisted Taco in Buckhead tonight, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. For more info: