Spotted! “Drop Dead Diva” cast at Diesel Filling Station


Unlike a lot of actors who toil on the same show, the cast of  Lifetime’s hit comedy, “Drop Dead Diva” actually enjoy hanging out together even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

The castmates, including Margaret Cho, Ben Feldman, Jackson Hurst, April Bowlby and Kate Levering, took time out from shooting the second season of the show in Peachtree City to attend a second season premiere viewing party Sunday night.

Whynatte hosted the evening for the actors and “Drop Dead Diva” fans at the Diesel Filling Station in Virginia-Highland Sunday night.

We hear the crowd was especially pumped for the premiere’s opening fantasy sequence, a song-and-dance musical number in a food court featuring guest star Paula Abdul, Cho, and series star Brooke Elliott singing the Eurythmics hit, “Would I Lie To You?” (Elliott and Cho have also cut a version for the brand-new “Drop Dead Diva” soundtrack now available on iTunes).

When Feldman’s guardian angel character Fred reappeared halfway through the episode (Fred was relieved of his earthly duties at the end of season one, you see. Looong story. . .), the crowd applauded.

On the menu for the cast party: sliced pork sliders, pasta salad with vegetables, a hummus and fresh fruit platters and Asian spring rolls and of course, lots of complimentary Whynatte libations.

At the end of the episode, fellow attendees gave the “Diva” cast a standing ovation.

When Intel spoke with Cho recently, we asked why the cast is so close-knit off screen.

“We just enjoy spending time together,” she explained. “Here we are in Peachtree City together and normally we’re all very Hollywood people who are used to being in Los Angeles. We love it here since we have a huge soundstage to work on. Plus, it’s exciting to be a part of the tremendous growth of the film industry here in Georgia. We’re having fun.”

The “Drop Diva” and the state’s burgeoning TV and film industry have something else to celebrate today as well. Sunday night’s premiere netted 3.1 million viewers, up from last season’s 2.8 million viewers.