Spotted! Steven R. McQueen @ P’cheen’s


Even though we’re a highly skilled celeb spotter, Intel might have overlooked the quiet kid chilling at the P’cheen’s bar, nursing a Bud Light while we were covering a media tasting Tuesday night.

That’s how unassuming “Vampire Diaries” actor Steven R. McQueen is.

Less unassuming?

The small pack of cougars in training, clustered around the bar, licking their fangs in Steve McQueen‘s grandson’s direction.

The 21-year-old has spent the better part of the past year shooting episodes of the locally filmed hit CW series. He plays troubled teen Jeremy Gilbert on the show.

He told us the cast and crew are set to wrap up the first season of the series later this month and he’s looking forward to returning home to Los Angeles.

He’s also psyched that the show has already been picked up for another season.

“I’m just grateful to have a job,” he told us.

The show’s bloodsuckers will be back at work shooting season two later this summer.