‘Tardy for the Party’ remixes, Kim Zolciak Gold Room event breathe fresh life into surprise hit


Alleged “Real Housewives of Atlanta” singer Kim Zolciak is hoping to re-set the clock on her 15 minutes of pop music stardom via her surprise hit dance single.

On Tuesday,  iTunes and retail outlets began selling a brand new series of hot, club-ready remixes of Zolciak’s “Tardy for the Party” by Atlanta DJ Tracy Young.

Our take?

The tracks work primarily because Young (who has also remixed songs by Mary J. Blige, the Pet Shop Boys and Cyndi Lauper) has wisely pumped up the electronics and the backing vocals while enhancing the weave-wearing Zolciak’s thin vocals with every single effect offered in a recording studio.

Ferosh Records has released Young’s remixes.

To celebrate this recording milestone, the Gold Room has booked Zolciak and Young for an exclusive “Tardy for the Party: The Remixes” soiree Friday, February 26 at the new Buckhead club.

The oddest request Gold Room promoters fielded from Zolciak’s people?
The “Housewives ATL” platinum-hued pot stirrer has requested “a live microphone” for her performance at the club.

Sniffed one veteran nightclub scenester to us when told of the unexpected development: “Wouldn’t a hairbrush haven been sufficient?”

For devoted nightclub goers, the real reason to attend, of course, will be the opening DJ sets by the always innovative Young and DJ Andre Perry.

Intel’s advice: Go for the music but stay for the train wreck.

And never fear, the second that recovering Zolciak vocal coach and producer Dallas Austin books a table in the Gold Room’s VIP area for the event, Intel will report back immediately. . .