‘Tardy’ partier ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Kim Zolciak dazzles at Gold Room remix release bash


Kim Zolciak is a woman true to her song.

Her “Fashionably Late” release party for the DJ Tracy Young remixed version of her surprise hit, “Tardy for the Party” at the Gold Room in Buckhead Friday night started promptly.

At 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

The hundreds of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans dancing inside the  massive club didn’t seem to mind.

Upstairs, Intel managed to sneak past the miniature mountain range guarding Zolciak’s VIP room to get a peek at the amenities.

“Everything had to be fabulous and outrageous to match Kim’s personality,” explained Windy Peach event planner Richard Hammell.

“We wanted it to be very fun for her with flowers, candles and Mardi Gras feathers. The girl loves to party, after all.”

And the luscious tray of grapes and strawberries?

“We wanted her to feel like royalty,” said Hammell. “Maybe someone will hand feed her!”

Inside the gold gift bag left for Zolciak?

Six hundred dollars worth of spa treatments for the harried “Housewives” star.

DJ Tracy Young (who’s also worked with Madonna and Mary J. Blige) told us she was thrilled to work with Zolciak on reinventing “Tardy” for the dance floor.

“Kim and I just connected on a spiritual level,” Young told Intel. “The song is actually quite brilliant. I knew I was onto something when I tested the remix in clubs and people just went crazy. I don’t work with people I don’t feel a connection with. Kim and I
definitely vibed. I won’t work with a [expletive] up song either.”

Just when Gold Room promoters began nervously eyeing their watches around midnight, Zolciak and entourage arrived.

Zolciak and her “Charlie’s Angels”-inspired platinum, winged out wig (complete with dark highlights… lowlights?) were led inside the glass encased VIP room where bottles of her beloved chardonnay awaited.

Just how outrageous was the wig?

We’re grateful there were no Sea World orcas on the guest list.

Sniffed one attendee: “All that for a ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reality show cast member? I mean, it’s not Madonna. But then, we are in a recession, aren’t we?”

Finally, as Friday transformed into Saturday (when Intel had actually begun entertaining the idea of hitting a Taco Bell drive-thru), Zolciak took the stage.

She asked the screaming crowd dancing below her: “Are you all ready for ‘Tardy for the Party?!'”

Zolciak then gyrated around the stage and expertly mouthed the words to the heavily processed vocals on Young’s remix on a live microphone.

The crowd loved all four minutes and one second of it.