“The Doctors” OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson spills sweeps secrets

It’s the syndicated daytime medical show America loves but frequently shields its eyes away from.
“The Doctors,” executive produced by “Dr. Phil’s” son Jay McGraw, (airing weekdays on WSB-TV at 10 a.m.), routinely tackles some of the most intimate and graphic medical discussions TV has ever aired.
The show’s resident OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson, in town Wednesday for a taping of “The Mo’Nique Show,” told us that level of intimacy is a key to the show’s global success.
“It’s so important to encourage that dialogue between patient and doctor,” she explained. “Hopefully, we’re helping to improve that conversation by talking about these subjects.”
On Friday’s pre-Valentine’s Day show, for example, “The Doctors” return to one of their favorite topics: sex.
“We have Dr. Ruth [Westheimer] on to discuss how to have better sex,” Masterson previews. Apparently, this involves bringing a spoon into bed with you.
Also coming up during February sweeps on “The Doctors,” Masterson says two shows are dedicated to the topics of “Why Do Women?” with an all female panel and an all-male audience and “Why Do Men?” with the roles reversed.
“It gave us a great opportunity to ask those questions that we’ve never gotten answered about each other’s bodies,” she says. “Our hope is the show is encouraging people to open up more and letting them know nothing should be embarrassing and nothing is off limits.”
Which brings us to Dr. Lisa’s most memorable catch phrase used on the show: “The Self-Cleaning Oven.” It’s the term she’s coined for “The Down There Area,” she explains. “I love that women now refer to it that way and discuss it. If we can promote a better understanding of how it works and its overall health, we’re doing our job. I always tell women this: ‘If you don’t have a good dialogue with your gynecologist, it’s time to find a new one.’ Remember: We’re not on television to take the place of your doctor. But hopefully, we can help improve that communication between you and your doctor.”