The five weirdest, scariest things you will see at Containment

We got a behind-the-scenes tour of Atlantic Station’s haunted maze.

Commencement ceremonies at Containment University took place Wednesday, and forty-three actors are now certified to scare you as much as possible. I didn’t know graduating from scare school was a thing outside of Monsters Inc. but I guess this proves you really do need a degree to do anything these days.

The diploma-toting actors will perform at strategic junctures in the half-mile maze crafted out of freight containers. This is the first year Containment has been at Atlantic Station and it has all the bodies and mirrors you’d expect to find in any good haunted house. Here are the most noteworthy things you’ll counter.

Controller 13
Scare level: 3 Weirdness factor: 3
This guy has long blonde hair, looks like a Disney movie prince, and his job is to greet you at the entrance and start you on your half hour of anxiety. He gets a three on the scare level because I think attendees’ pre-haunted house-jitters will make him seem like a creepy enough character—even though he’s not supposed to be.

Hell Boy and Real Doll
Scare level: 9 Weirdness factor: 7
These two aren’t related at all and they’re not unusual tenants for a haunted house but that doesn’t make them any less scary. “I mean I am literally the son of Satan,” was the second sentence Hell Boy said to me. Without their makeup they seem so nice and friendly, BUT THAT’S WHAT’S SO SCARY. They smiled and shook my hand and then completely turned on me.

Scare level: 7 Weirdness factor: 9
These particular students were admitted to CU based on skills other than acting. Their ability to “read” individuals to figure our how to best entertain (scare) everyone is one example. Another is their ability to twist their bodies into unnatural shapes. It’s sort of a circus-meets-haunted-house type thing and it’s terrifying.

Yourself—in the Scare Cam
Scare level: 10 Weirdness factor: 10
Like the cameras that capture your most authentic look of terror and/or thrill on a roller coaster, hidden cameras will take your picture after a particularly nerve-racking incident. And these photos are available to buy afterwards—if you want to spend money to remember your face at its most freaked out. There’s also a chance to pose for a picture in front of a green screen if you want to have more control over your look.

Paranormal Container
Scare level: 8 Weirdness factor: 8
This is a great example of the variety of scares Containment offers. In this container you are “invited” (i.e. forced) to find your way through a room packed with shaped TVs spewing anxiety-inducing images.

Containment opens tonight and runs nightly from 7-11 p.m. through November 3.

Atlantic Station will also have a Spooky Express haunted train running if you’re looking for a more mellow haunted experience.