The Pie Shop

Buckhead’s new shop charms by the slice

If you met Mims Bledsoe, owner of Buckhead’s delicious new Pie Shop, on the street, you’d never guess what she does for a living. There is something about this tall woman with the coltish beauty of a young Julia Roberts that says good breeding, old money. Her patrician mother looks even more incongruous washing dishes behind the counter, keeping an eye on her twenty-seven-year-old daughter, whom she clearly thinks shouldn’t be alone at 11 p.m. on a Saturday in an isolated space that used to be a commercial bakery.

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Bledsoe is named after her great-great-great grandfather, John Floyd Mims, who was mayor of Atlanta in 1853, and she was raised with a deep sense of place. She started her business after graduating with a degree in philosophy because she felt that making handmade pies was a dying art. She saw it as “the perfect combination of novel, nostalgic, challenging, and feminine.” And indeed, the pies lined up behind the counter have a charming, handcrafted look. Some are topped with lattice; others hide under a solid sheet of dough or spill their filling from between a diamond-shaped form pinched at the corners. The menu changes every Tuesday, and so far the favorites have been peach, cherry, apple, coconut cream, banana-caramel-macadamia, apricot-almond, and fig-mascarpone. Blackberry, Muscadine, and fresh pumpkin pies will have their seasonal turns.

One whole pie (most sell for $30 to $35) feeds “one girl after a breakup, four high school boys, eight to ten dinner party guests, or twelve ladies who lunch,” says Bledsoe. She also sells individual slices for $4.60. Savory quiches, peanut tassies, apple dumplings, miniature fried pies, and boxed old-fashioned candies complete the inventory. A sweet, informal seating area with a large community table and a wall of silvery, handwritten quotes about pie serves as a tiny salon, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when the shop stays open for “late-night pie” until 1 a.m. 3210 Roswell Road, 404-841-4512,

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