The Vampire Diaries VS. The Walking Dead

Two ghoulish TV series filmed in Atlanta go head-to-head
The Vampire Diaries [trailer]
The view Second season started last month on the CW
Loosely follows . . . The Vampire Diaries, a pre-Twilight young adult book series by L.J. Smith
Pedigree Developed by Dawson’s Creek and Scream alum Kevin Williamson
Love story High schooler Elena is torn between the two bloodsucking Salvatore brothers—good guy Stefan and bad seed Damon—who were turned by her look-alike vampire, Katherine, during the Civil War.
Who brings the blood? A couple of witches and anyone with fangs—including, this season, werewolves
Gore factor Despite the CW’s network status, there’s still plenty of biting, staking, and cutting off body parts
How to kill Wooden bullets or stakes. The flower vervain (also known as verbena) protects you in the meantime.
Georgia stands for . . . Mystic Falls, Virginia. Covington stands in for Mystic’s square; other filming spots have included Decatur, Sandy Springs’ Glenridge Hall, and Monroe’s Walton Career Academy, where high school scenes were shot.
Local talent Candice Accola, who plays Caroline Forbes, a BFF of Elena, has moved to Atlanta. Want to be an extra? Contact
The Walking Dead [trailer]
The view Six-episode season premieres on Halloween on AMC
Loosely follows . . . The Walking Dead, an ongoing comic book series by Robert Kirkman, who is writing an episode
Pedigree Helmed by Shawshank Redemption director and three-time Oscar nominee Frank Darabont
Love story Cop Rick Grimes gets shot and awakens from his coma to the zombie apocalypse. He must find his wife and son before his partner, Shane, moves in on his family.
Who brings the blood? “The Walkers”—the dead who have begun to reanimate
Gore factor Higher due to zombies that decompose over time and a horse disembowelment. Said “From what we saw during our recent visit to the Atlanta set, this may well be the bloodiest show ever seen on television.”
How to kill Destroy the brain—bullets or decapitation work just fine.
Georgia stands for . . . Georgia! In Kirkman’s series, Grimes travels to a “safe zone” in Downtown Atlanta, then moves through more rural counties.
Local talent Zombie roles went to locals. An on-set “zombie school” taught them how to lurch and groan like pros. Hope to join them next season? Contact
Illustration by Victor Rivas